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May 26, 2012

Thucydides Release 0.8.20 – More simplified tagging

by rahulj51

We think tagging is such a useful feature that we simplified it further in our latest release (Release 0.8.20) by creating the following convenient annotations for junit tests:

@WithTag("feature:my feature")

will create a feature tag called my feature. This is a short cut for

@WithTag(name="my feature", type="feature")

In fact, feature tags are so common that we even decided to make feature the default tag type. In other words, the following line is equivalent to the above:

@WithTag("my feature")

Perhaps even more useful is the new @WithTagValuesOf annotation which is a more expressive alternative to the @WithTags notation. For example,

@WithTags (
                @WithTag(name="lookups", type="feature"),
                @WithTag(name="release-2", type="release")


can now be more succinctly written as

@WithTagValuesOf({"lookups", "release:release-2"})

Release 0.8.20 also addresses the following minor bugs and enhancements

  • The history chart now uses jqplot instead of Google charts. This means the history charts can now be viewed offline too.
  • (#Thucydides-70) : Upper case parameters in parametrized tests will not cause broken links in the test reports.
  • The report files now use hash codes instead of names to avoid problems with very long file names.

Keep watching this space for more features and improvements to Thucydides.

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