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September 26, 2011

Thucydides 0.4.8 Released

by jfsmart

A new version of Thucydides – version 0.4.8 – is now available in the Maven repositories.

One of the most important improvements in this latest version is that it uses Selenium 2.6, which supports all versions of Firefox from 3.0 to 7. Previous versions of Selenium did not work well with Firefox 6 and 7.

Other improvements have been made in the reporting features. By default, Thucydides opens a browser with a width of around 1000px. Sometimes, this is not enough, and you need a larger window to see all of the elements on your page in the screenshots. Thucydides 0.4.8 lets you define the witdh of the browser Thucydides opens via the thucydides.browser.width command line option.

You can run this from the command line, e.g.

$ mvn test -Dthucydides.browser.width=1280

or by configuring it from within the maven-surefire-plugin configuration (if you are using Thucydides with JUnit), e.g.


Thucydides 0.4.8 also has improved narrative reporting. When a step fails, the error message appears in the screenshot slideshow as well as in the normal narrative report. So error messages still appear in the narrative report as previously:

They also now appear in the screenshots like this:


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