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October 21, 2011

Chrome Integration

by lvendramini

Currently Selenium version 2.0 has issues with it’s tabbing when used with firefox.  When tabbing, the focus is not changing.  However, this is not an issue with Google Chrome.  To get around this issue using firefox developers are forced to change the focus on the page by clicking on a different element on the page.  This adds more code to webtests and does not mimic the normal human interactions on a page, which webtests are made to do.

To Setup Webtests

1) You must have Chrome version 12.0.712.0 or newer.

2) Download the binary chromedriver (

Macs –
Windows –
Linux 64 bit –
Linux 32 bit –

3) Unzip the file and place it in the user’s bin directory  (e.g. in the /usr/bin directory).

4) on the command line add the parameter -Dwebdriver.driver=chrome

ie mvn test -Dwebdriver.driver=chrome -Deasyb.test=none

To Run Webtests Via IntelliJ

1) Go to the Run/Debug Configuration settings for your test or package

2) Under VM Parameters enter -Dwebdriver.driver=chrome

Configuration Settings

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