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December 31, 2011


A new Thucydides User’s Manual is now online

by jfsmart

A new and improved version of the Thucydides Documentation is now available online. This new version is a complete reference to writing automated acceptance tests for both web and non-web applications. Check it out!

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  1. Jan 21 2012

    Does Thucydides support I have lot of tests written using spock in given-when-then format. I would like to use it with the simplicity of Thucydides. Is it possible? Also how does Thucydides compare with Geb?


    • Mar 21 2012

      Spock integration is planned soon. Regarding Geb, Thucydides is more focused on organizing and documenting the tests, though it does provide a lot of helper features for WebDriver. Geb is a Groovy DSL for WebDriver. I would like to look at how to integrate the reporting side of Thucydides with Geb at some stage.

      • Jun 26 2013

        Hi, what is current status of Spock&Geb integration?
        O can’t find any issue in tracker about this

  2. Quynh
    Feb 28 2012

    Can I report which dependencies are used with Thucydides?

    • Feb 29 2012

      The easiest way is just open the pom.xml in Eclipse or IntelliJ, or to use the Maven dependencies plugin (e.g. mvn dependency:tree)

      • Quynh
        Mar 20 2012

        Thank you very much for your information. And I have another question about Thucydides. I got the issue – org.apache.http.impl.client.DefaultRequestDirector tryConnect
        INFO: I/O exception ( caught when connecting to the target host: Address already in use: connect – when I ran the Thucydides test scripts. This issue is intermittent. Sorry that I cannot put my code on here but my page has a pop-up window for adding/updating items. Could you please let me know which cases could cause this issue?
        Thanks in advance.

      • Mar 21 2012

        Do you have a stack trace?

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