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February 29, 2012


New features in Thucydides 0.7.10

by The Silver Teaspoon

The latest version of Thucydides (0.7.10) to be released has some great new features! Find out more below:

Flag a test as ‘pending’ or ‘ignored’ from within a test step/page object
This is useful if a test can’t be completed for reasons outside the scope of the test, which occasionally happens with acceptance tests. To do this, just call ‘Thucydides.pendingStep()’ or ‘Thucydides.ignoredStep()’, as shown here:

public String findFirstPartiallyPublishedBookingId() {
    String partiallyPublishedBookingId = null;
    try {
        partiallyPublishedBookingId = getFirstBookingIDWithStatus("Partially Published");
    } catch (NoMatchingBookingFoundError e) {
        Thucydides.pendingStep("No partially published booking available");
    return partiallyPublishedBookingId;

Both methods take a message as an argument, which appears in the final report, on the screenshot corresponding to the step where this occured. Any steps following a pending step will be flagged as ‘ignored’. Any steps following a step marked as ‘ignored’ in this way will be executed normally.

Improved reporting
The reports in Thucydides 0.7.10 come with a brand new dashboard which provides you with a quick overview of the state of your tests, as well as many other improvements:

New, improved dashboard

Proxy support
If you need to use a proxy to access the web site you are testing, you can now do this by providing the system properties thucydides.proxy.http and thucydides.proxy.http_port. Note: This feature is currently supported for Firefox only.

Tell us what you think of the changes…

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  1. Ilyas
    Mar 1 2012

    Hello, Will Thucydides support JBehave in the near future as this we currently use this at work?

    • Mar 1 2012

      Hi Ilyas,

      Yes, we will be integrating JBehave in the coming months, so please check back regularly and we’ll let you know once it’s ready to go.

  2. Ilyas
    Apr 12 2012

    I’ve been playing around with Thucydides following the main tutorial page and would like to know if it is possible to run the tests during maven-failsafe-plugin? What I would like to do is deploy my application to Tomcat and then run the maven-easyb-plugin as integration tests. I may try and avoid using the JUnit tests for now. At the moment I can only get it to run before deploying to Tomcat so it is apart of the test phase.


    • May 24 2012

      Yes, it works fine with the maven-failsafe-plugin.


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