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May 15, 2012

Thucydides Release 0.8.15 – Adding tag support to easyb stories

by rahulj51

Thucydides Release 0.8.15 is now out. This release brings tagging support to Thucydides easyb stories.

Tag support for easyb stories

You can now group your easyb stories by adding tags in the form of thucydides.tests.<group> to the stories. For example,

thucydides.tests.feature "history reports"
thucydides.tests.epic "reporting"
thucydides.tests.epic "audit"
thucydides.tests.priority "high"

… and so on. A story tag is added to all stories by default. Tag groups are dynamic and you can add as many groups as you wish.

This will enable you to group the stories by the tags in Thucydides reports. Each “group” will appear as a separate tab in the reports. In the above case, the tags will appear in the reports as follows.

Tags are also supported in Junit tests using the @WithTag and @WithTags annotations. The following will create a feature tag called lookups and a release tag called release-2.

@WithTags (
                @WithTag(name="lookups", type="feature"),
                @WithTag(name="release-2", type="release")


Customize names of step libraries in easyb stories

easyb now supports the ability to customize the step library name in a story. Example:

thucydides.user_steps_from BuyerSteps 
thucydides.uses_steps_named("bob").from BuyerSteps

scenario "List all the ads in the 'Garden and Plants' category", {
    given "Bob is looking for a second-hand shovel", {
    when "he selects the 'Garden and Plants' ad category", {
        bob.chooses_category_classification "Garden & Plants"
    then "he should see a list of ads relating to Garden and Plants", {
        bob.should_see_search_results_for "Garden & Plants"

Other minor changes and bug fixes

  • If no thucydides.project.key property is provided, the current working directory will be used instead. So if your project is in a directory called
    /home/jill/projects/mykillerap, the default project id will be mykillerap. This avoids a lot of messy configuration in your build script to pass the project key to JUnit/easyb etc.
  • Test statistics reports now use previous 10 tests instead of 5 to calculate test stability.


Your feedback and suggestions are welcome. Please use the official issue tracker or mailing list to get in touch.

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