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June 7, 2012

Thucydides Release 0.8.24 – Several bugs fixed

by rahulj51

We published Release 0.8.24 of Thucydides yesterday. This release fixes several annoying bugs.

  • (#Thucydides-68) : Browser window now resizes without the need of opening two windows in Firefox and Internet Explorer. Resizing is required for taking decent screenshots. However, in the absence of a way to resize Firefox window, Thucydides was using an annoying “trick” to open two simultaneous windows. This is no longer needed for Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  • A bug that prevented users from disabling statistics recording (by setting the property thucydides.record.statistics to false) has been fixed. Earlier, statistics were recorded even if this option was set to false.
  • (#Thucydides-74) : A new option has been provided to disable native events by setting the property to false. Native events are enabled in Thucydides by default. But Firefox 12 on Linux was failing to launch due to this because native events are known to be unreliable for Firefox on Linux. With the new property, you now have the option of disabling native events by setting the property to false. This property is true by default.
  • (#Thucydides-76) :  Due to a bug in creating report file names based on hashcodes, incorrect file names were generated for parameterized tests. This was causing a mismatch between the hyperlinks in reports index.html and the actual report file names. This bug has been fixed.
  • The thucydides.batch.count property has been aliased to thucydides.batch.size for better readability. Both properties can be used interchangeably.
  • (#Thucydides 77): @Pending annotation will now ignore tests as expected. Earlier, the tests annotated as @Pending were not getting ignored if they contained steps. They were shown in the report either as passed or failed.
  • (#Thucydides 78):  Public non-step methods in UserSteps were causing the report to show the tests as passed with all steps marked as success even if the non-step method failed with an assertion error. This has been fixed.

As usual, you can use the mailing list or our Jira tracker to inform us about any bugs you spot or features you wish to see in future releases.

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