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June 24, 2012


Thucydides Release 0.8.26 – Support for Selenium Remote web driver and Spring dependencies

by rahulj51

We have been really busy this month adding some exciting new features to Thucydides. Our latest release (Release 0.8.26) is finally out with the following features.

Selenium Remote web driver is now supported

The much awaited support for Selenium’s remote web driver has now been added to Thucydides. You can now run Thucydides tests on a remote server by setting the system property webdriver.remote.url to the URL of the remote Selenium server.  Thucydides will use the webdriver.driver property to determine which browser to run remotely. Check out our user manual for more details.

Spring dependencies can now be directly injected in acceptance tests and step libraries

If you are running your acceptance tests on an embedded server such as Jetty, it is sometimes useful to have direct access to the service or business layer. For example, if a user action has a side effect such as writing audit logs to a database table or sending an email, it is useful and simpler to have your acceptance tests call the service layer directly to test for these side effects.

Although Spring provides excellent support for integration testing, it is not possible to make use of Spring’s SpringJUnit4ClassRunner in Thucydides tests. The good news is that Thucydides Release 0.8.26 makes it possible to inject Spring dependencies in your junit acceptance tests. Further, if you write your tests in jbehave or easyb, you can still inject Spring dependencies directly in the step libraries.

The user manual explains this feature in detail with examples.

We hope you will find these new features useful. We have already started working on the next release. So keep watching this space for further announcements.

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