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Thucydides Release 0.8.31 – Enhancements and bug fixes

Thucydides Release 0.8.31 is primarily a bug fix and enhancement release but goes a long way in making Thucydides more robust. We have added a couple of minor features and fixed issues related with data tests and screenshot management.

Implicit wait property (#Thucydides-83)

Thucydides now supports Selenium’s implicit wait. An implicit wait causes WebDriver to poll the DOM for a certain amount of time when trying to find an element or elements if they are not immediately available. The default setting is 0. Once set, the implicit wait is set for the life of the WebDriver object instance. This is now supported in Thucydides with the property webdriver.timeouts.implicitlywait. Set this property to the number of milliseconds that you want WebDriver to wait implicitly.

Data driven tests now support private fields

When writing data driven tests in Thucydides step libraries, it was required to declare the fields as public or define them as properties (i.e., with getter and setter methods). Well, not any more. You can now keep the fields private if you wish and Thucydides will still inject the values correctly. See using data driven tests for individual steps in the user manual on how data driven testing works in Thucydides step libraries.

Resizing screenshots

You can now use the thucydides.resized.image.width system property to resize saved screenshots in order to save disk space.

Other fixes and enhancements

  • (#Thucydides-59) : Fixed a bug where temporary screenshots were left undeleted in temporary directory even after the report was run causing disk space to get wasted.
  • (#Thucydides-75) : Parameterized tests were run in a single browser even if @Managed annotation’s uniqueSession property was not explicitly set to true. This bug is now fixed. A new browser session will now be started for each parameterized test if uniqueSession is not set to true and a restart frequency is specified using thucydides.restart.browser.frequency property.
  • (#Thucydides-80): For a test that failed assertions in a @StepGroup method, screenshots were still present even if the property was set to false. If was set to true then a link to the screenshot was broken and “file not found” appeared. This issue has been fixed.
  • (#Thucydides-84) : When tests extend one another with a webdriver declared in both parent and sub class using @Managed annotation, webdriver was getting injected only in the parent test class. This is now fixed.