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October 21, 2012


Thucydides Release 0.9.28 – Bug fixes and enhancements

by rahulj51

Thucydides Release 0.9.28 is now out. This release includes the following enhancements and bug fixes.

  • The reports now show full Hamcrest error messages on tooltip.
  • Fixed bug in using HtmlTable with nested tables. HtmlTable will now concatenate all data from the nested table into one string and return.
  • Added a new property that lets you display detailed step results in the test result tables. This property is set to false by default.
  • Added support for the chrome.switches system property to define options for the Chrome driver. This lets you set useful chrome options such as "--homepage=about:blank" or "--no-first-run". You can provide any number of options, separated by commas, e.g.:
    $mvn verify -Dchrome.switches="homepage=about:blank,--no-first-run"

    A useful list of chrome switches can be found here:

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  1. Sasha Oros
    Nov 13 2012

    Great work!

    We really like the Thucydides and are trying to get working with Selenium, JBehave and TestNG.
    Is there anywhere an example with these frameworks?


    • Nov 16 2012

      Thanks for the feedback! There is no TestNG support at the moment (though it will come at some stage, probably after (1)Spock, (2) Arquillian, and (3) Cucumber. Is there a reason you need TestNG + JBehave rather than just straight JBehave for the Thucydides tests? Normally what I do is set up a dedicated project for the acceptance criteria which uses JBehave (for example), which is independent of the other unit and integration tests in the project: if you did that, you could use JBehave for the acceptance criteria and TestNG for your other tests.

      – John.

      • Sasha Oros
        Nov 20 2012

        Thanks a lot John, that makes sense.

        FYI… before your reply I found a link on JBehave web site about using TestNG and JBehave.

        so, I overrode run method and the tests have run.

        public class AcceptanceStories extends ThucydidesJUnitStories {
        public AcceptanceStories() {}

        public void run() throws Throwable {;

        Anyway, I will stick with JUnit until the TestNG is officially supported and I like idea of separating acceptance tests.


  2. Alex
    Nov 22 2012

    Is 0.9.28 the latest release? What about the version 0.9.72 mentioned here: ? Is it unstable? If not, what was done since 0.9.28?

    • Nov 22 2012


      0.9.72 is a stable release but mostly contains bug fixes and minor improvements. We’ll publish the release notes shortly.

      • Alex
        Nov 23 2012

        I’d appreciate it, thank you.

  3. Venkat
    Aug 22 2013


    Can we run tests parallel (method, Class,Test) like TestNG



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