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Thucydides Release 0.9.88 – jBehave archetype, improved jBehave Integration and other enhancements

Another spanking new release (0.9.88) of Thucydides is out now.  Some of the highlights of this release are as follows:

New jBehave Maven archetype

A new archetype for jBehave is now available to help jumpstart a Thucydides jBehave project. Here’s an example of how to create a sample project with this archetype.

mvn archetype:generate -DarchetypeGroupId=net.thucydides -DarchetypeArtifactId=thucydides-jbehave-archetype -DartifactId=SampleJBehaveProject

Improved jBehave integration

  • All web tests can now be run in a single browser using either the thucydides.use.unique.browser system property or programmatically using runThucydides().inASingleSession() inside the junit runner.
  • Thucydides-115: Fixed a bug due to which JBehave environment properties such as metafilter and etc. were not getting set on the configured Embedder.
  • Added support for the thucydides.restart.browser.frequency system property, which restarts the browser periodically for data-driven tests. This is helpful as firefox may sometimes hang after too many data-driven tests.

Other enhancements

  • Thucydides-112: Added a new property, thucydides.locator.factory  to override the default locator factory with another locator factory (for ex., AjaxElementLocatorFactory or DefaultElementLocatorFactory). By default, Thucydides uses a custom locator factory called DisplayedElementLocatorFactory.
  • You can now set custom web driver capabilities by passing a semi-colon separated list of capabilities in the property thucydides.driver.capabilities. For example,
    "build:build-1234; max-duration:300; single-window:true; tags:[tag1,tag2,tag3]"
  • Added new system property, security.enable_java to enable java support in Firefox browser. This is disabled by default as this slows down the web driver.

Bug Fixes

  • Thucydides-86: Fixed a bug that caused tests with pending steps to fail if a subsequent step called a public non-step method.
  • Thucydides-110: Removed the extra dot from system property webdriver.remote. and renamed it to webdriver.remote.driver
  • Thucydides-100: Fixed a bug due to which Requirements Tab in Thucydides Report was not correctly generated when running Thucydides tests in sub-module of a Maven multi-module project. A new property, thucydides.test.requirements.basedir can now be used to specify the base directory fo the sub module where the acceptance tests are kept.