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May 19, 2013


Thucydides Release 0.9.125

by rahulj51

We made several minor releases in the last two months.  The latest release version is 0.9.125 which is now available for download. Here is a list of some of the key features and bug fixes added recently.

More flexible Examples tables for data-driven tests on the details page

Examples table now supports pagination, sorting of columns and text search.

Examples table with pagination, sorting and text search

Examples table with pagination, sorting and text search

Better handling of foreign characters in reports

Reports now display non-English characters properly.





Test results can be downloaded

The main report page now has a link to download test results in CSV format.

Test results can be downloaded in CSV format

Test results can be downloaded in CSV format

Fluent field entry using into a WebElementFacade

A new method has been added to provide a more fluid way to enter data in a web element facade. The following code snippet will explain.


page.enter("some value").into(facade);


Support for GivenStories in jBehave stories

jBehave style GivenStories keyword can now be used in .story files. GivenStories is used to specify pre-requisites for a story in jBehave. This is a very useful feature of jBehave that helps organize the stories better and reduces duplication. See here for examples.

Filter tests by tag in jUnit

You can now filter tests by tag while running Thucydides. This can be achieved by providing a single tag or a comma separated list of tags from command line. If provided, only classes and/or methods with tags in this list will be executed.


mvn verify -Dtags="iteration:I1"


mvn verify -Dtags="color:red,flavor:strawberry"

Support for jUnit Assumptions

If steps include junit style assumptions, then those steps where the conditions under assumptions fail are marked as PENDING instead of ERROR. Subsequent steps are also marked as PENDING.

Bug Fixes

  • Thucydides-146: Fixed a bug that caused chromedriver to fail with error message “Error communicating with the remote browser. It may have died” when @Managed(uniqueSession) was set to true.
  • Thucydides-149: Fixed a bug due to which test where no steps were executed due to error was reported as pending in the aggregate report.
  • Thucydides-150: Tests where no steps ae executed due to errors now show relevant exception cause in the report. Earlier the test was reported as error but no details were provided.
  • Thucydides-152 : XML reports now support UTF-8 encoding.
  • Thucydides-155: Fixed a bug that prevented webdriver from correctly restarting for parameterized tests even when thucydides.restart.browser.frequency property is set to 1
  • Thucydides-158 : Fixed a bug that was causing reports to throw errors for data-driven tests when @TestData contained an array.
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  1. Patrick
    May 31 2013

    Question: how to create a new Thucydides project with version 0.9.125?
    The mvn archetype:generate only supports 0.9.98.
    May I just change the number from 98 to 125 in pom.xml?
    Or import the 0.9.125 pom as existing maven project?
    Thank you.

    • May 31 2013

      Sure, just submit a pull request and I’ll integrate it in the next release.

      • Patrick
        Jun 10 2013

        Thank you. Is there an expected date for the new archetype?

      • Patrick
        Jul 30 2013

        Hi, I saw the 0.9.200 archetype, thank you. Btw, whats the new features added to .200 since .125? thanks

  2. adinnaplus
    Jun 4 2013

    Hi John,

    I like the feature with filtering tests by tag in JUnit.
    As far as I have observed, mvn verify -Dtags=”color:red,flavor:strawberry” runs the tests which have the tags color:red OR flavor:strawberry, not necessarily in the same time, e.g in the above example there will be run all the tests.
    @WithTag(name = “red”, type = “color”),
    @WithTag(name = “strawberry”, type=”flavor”)
    public void test1(){
    System.out.println(“red strawberry”);

    @WithTag(name = “red”, type=”color”)
    public void test2(){

    @WithTag(name = “strawberry”, type=”flavor”)
    public void test3(){

    Is there an implementation such as to run ONLY test1?

    • adinnaplus
      Jul 1 2013

      Hi, any updates?

  3. Hi

    After updating from 0.9.88 to 0.9.125 the pie chart on the first page of my report disappeared.

    Do I need to update some of the report programs also?


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