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July 10, 2014


New Thucydides release: 0.9.260

by jfsmart

This new release integrates Selenium 2.42.2, has improved reporting, a number of improvements to the internal APIs, and addresses a number of issues and improvements. Some of the more notable ones include:

  • THUCYDIDES-242 – Need some way to obtain current TestStep within custom StepListener: You can get (a copy of) the current test step by calling
  • THUCYDIDES-192 – Fixed a reporting issue when multiple features or stories had identical names
  • THUCYDIDES-232 – get page source on step failure: You can retrieve the page source of the latest step using the StepEventBus.getEventBus().getCurrentStep() method.
  • THUCYDIDES-148 – Thucydides.ignoredStep should not be marked as pended: Thucydides now handles failed assumptions (e.g  Assume.assumeThat(true, is(false))) in JUnit correctly. Tests with failing assumptions are marked as skipped and reported with an “assumption violation” error.
  • THUCYDIDES-35 – Allow using multibyte charactor in class name and method name.
  • THUCYDIDES-151 – Report aggregate – Running test with parametrized test data seems to have a limitation of 10 parameter pairs
  • THUCYDIDES-177 – Report groups test cases for data-driven tests using a CSV file
  • THUCYDIDES-214 – thucydides-jira-plugin produces wrong test ID in link posted back to JIRA when using ParameterizedRunner
  • THUCYDIDES-235 – Incorrect result appears in log in case if one “Step” using another “Step” (substep)
  • THUCYDIDES-227 – Show/hide tags on the main report page

Other fixes/improvements include

  • THUCYDIDES-88 logback.groovy in thucydides-core breaks application logging configuration
  • THUCYDIDES-239 Better exception reporting in ResizableImage
  • THUCYDIDES-228 Don`t write qualifier in console log for DDT Tests
  • THUCYDIDES-240 BeanMatcher throws IllegalArgumentException for field names containing dots (or opening parenthesis / square bracket)


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  1. Trappist
    Sep 12 2014

    This version is not compatible with JDK 1.6:
    aused by: java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: net/thucydides/core/annotations/Story : Unsupported major.minor version 51.0

    • Mar 12 2015

      No, neither Thucydides nor Serenity hasn’t supported Java 1.6 for some time – the code base uses Java 7 APIs in a number of places.


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