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Thucydides Release 0.9.12 – jBehave Integration

A new update to Thucydides was just released – Release 0.9.12.  This release integrates a popular BDD framework, jBehave, with Thucydides.

jBehave Integration

jBehave is one of the most widely used BDD frameworks in Java.  Our latest release lets you define user stories in jBehave. These stories can then be implemented using Thucydides step libraries. When the stories are run, Thucydides will provide a rich set of reports that help you see how the stories are progressing. To learn more, check out the Writing Acceptance Tests with JBehave section of the documentation.

Other minor enhancements and fixes

  • Jira issues can now be specified using both full and abbreviated JIRA links (e.g. MYPROJECT-123 and #123).
  • Multiple file paths can now be specified in the @UseTestDataFrom annotation for data driven tests. Earlier, this annotation supported only a single path. You can now specify several paths (separated by the usual path separators – colon, semi-colon or comma).
  • Reports now open Jira links in a new window or tab.
  • The HtmlTable class can now be used to read tables without headers (i.e., <th> elements) . Earlier  this was not possible.  But you can now specify your won headings using the new withColumnsmethod. For example,
    List<Map<Object, String>> tableRows =
                        HtmlTable.withColumns("First Name","Last Name", "Favorite Colour")

Thucydides is a very active project with frequent releases. Keep watching this space for more announcements. Meanwhile, if you have any queries, shoot us an email using the official mailing list or report a bug in Jira.